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Fr. Deignan's 90th Birthday Celebration Concert - 13 Jan 2018

Practice Schedule:

  Date Day Time Venue Conducting Accompanying
1 28-Nov Tuesday 7:30-9:30pm WYK - Music Room
2 19-Dec Tuesday 7:30-9:30pm WYK - Music Room
3 6-Jan Saturday 3:30-5:30pm WYHK - SCA + School Hall
3 10-Jan Wednesday 7:15-7:50pm WYHK - School Hall
3 12-Jan Friday 8:00-8:30pm Queen Elizabeth Stadium
* 13 Dec Saturday

11:30-11:45 (I will Follow Him)

13:00-13:15 (獅子山下)

14:00 (Sandwich)

17:15 (Dinner)


Queen Elizabeth Stadium
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Song Details:

Name of Song & Score
MP3 & Midi
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I Will Follow Him  

From, Sister act - I will follow him (HD) (with lyric)



Overall Score  


Please note that we will sing three songs:

First Part of concert- “I will follow him” in three parts (no score on stage)
Second Part of concert- “獅子山下” only melody (no score on stage)
Final song- “We’ll never walk alone” in three parts (at our own seat)

Dress Code:

  1. Black suit
  2. white shirt
  3. PSA tie (will distribute on concert day if you don’t have one)
  4. OBC pin (will distribute on concert day if you don’t have one)
  5. Black shoes


All choir members will have one (to be distributed on concert day), for those who have ordered for family members, please collect from Miro on 12 Jan or concert day.

Enrolled Chorists:

  1. Miro Ng (Bass)
  2. Billy Wong (Bass)
  3. Keith Chan (Bass)
  4. Chris Lee, 83 (Tenor)
  5. Kelvin Tang (Bass)
  6. Homing (Tenor)
  7. Victor Chan (Tenor)
  8. Tung (Bass)
  9. Joseph Ng (Tenor)
  10. Jeffrey Ng (Tenor)
  11. Harmony Chuh (Bass)
  12. Simon Ho 91 (Tenor)
  13. Simon Lee, 86 (Bass)
  14. Dominic Tong (Tenor)
  15. Gary Choi, 06 (Tenor)
  16. Sunny Suen (Bass)
  17. YC Woo (Tenor)
  18. Albert Tsui (Bass)
  19. Joseph Ho (Tenor)
  20. Valberg Lau (Bass)
  21. Jack Wah (Bass)
  22. Ivan Pong (Bass)
  23. Tinyan Lee ‘91 (Tenor)
  24. Andrew Chu ‘91 (Tenor)
  25. Brian Ho ‘91 (Bass)
  26. Leo Chow (Bass)
  27. Terence Tam '83 (Tenor)
  28. Aaron Yu (Bass)
  29. Geoffrey Poon (Tenor)
  30. Patrick Ma (Bass)
  31. William Chung (Bass)
  32. Eric Mak ‘77 (Tenor)
  33. Jimmy Lau (Bass)